Afro-Cuban Violinist

Band Leader, Musical Director, Composer and Arranger

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"Princess Yani"

Dayren Santamaria  (Montecito Heights, Los Angeles)

Dayren Santamaria - Violin, Analinda Meneses - Video, Spencer Mitchell-Moore - Sound



Dayren Santamaria & Made In Cuba   (Grand Park, Los Angeles)

Dayren Santamaria - Violin, Carlitos Del Puerto - Bass, Oscar Hernandez - Piano, Alfred Ortiz - Congas/Vocals, Ramses Rodriguez - Drums



Musicians: Violin - Dayren Santamaria, Piano - Oscar Hernandez, Bass - Carlitos Del Puerto, Drums - Jimmy Branly, Congas - Joey De Leon, Vocals - Alfred Ortiz, Background Vocals - Lia Branly and Marco Bermudez



Meet Dayren

Dayren was fated to be an entertainer. 

Born in Matanzas, Cuba to a professional musician father and an actress mother, she opted for a musical life and chose to study violin at age 8. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey around the world and across musical styles.